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Expert advice in Biostatistics

We provide guidance for research methodology in life sciences.

Planning studies

  1. Designing laboratory studies with required number of replicate samples, standards and precision estimates
  2. Sampling schemes for field studies, determination of sample size, effect size and power of the study
  3. Designing questionnaires of various types; epidemiological, environmental, social, cultural etc.
  4. Planning Pilot surveys

Exploratory data analysis

  1. Data screening and Detection of outliers
  2. Graphs, Parametric and nonparametric statistical tests

Advanced statistical analysis

  1. Linear and non-linear  models
  2. Epidemiological models
  3. Multivariate models
  4. Time series models

Specialized statistical testing

  1. Testing the efficacy of a treatment with adjusting for biological variation
  2. Survival curves for micro organisms
  3. Deciding optimum conditions for microbial growth

Sample studies

  1. Effect of physical parameters on removal of toxicity from effluents
  2. Deciding optimum conditions for microbial growth
  3. Predicting iron and zinc bioavailability from vegetarian meals.
  4. Extent of error in the estimates of micronutrient contents from nutritive value tables of raw foods
  5. Developing micronutrient adequacy score in Indian adolescents
  6. Devising Knowledge assessment scores for Osteoporosis and cardio-metabolic risk.